Independent Bookstore Day 2021

One of my favorite Saturdays of the year is Independent Bookstore Day, and that day is April 24th. It is a day to really show how appreciative we are of these businesses which have taken such a hit, not only with the pandemic, over the last year, but over the last decade and more.

Three independent bookstores (from New York, and Delaware, to North Carolina) are carrying signed copies of Gleeman’s Tales and The Harbinger of Change, and I want to highlight them, this year.

In New York, celebrating its first spring in business is a new/used bookstore in the town of Walden called Blue Fox Books. Blue Fox has both Gleeman’s Tales and The Harbinger of Change.

In Wake Forest, North Carolina there is a cozy little bookstore called Page 158 Books run by the sweetest people. I spent a lot of time during college perusing their stacks. Page 158 Books has signed copies of both Gleeman’s Tales and The Harbinger of Change. (They will also ship to you, as I know quite well.);

In Bethany Beach, Delaware, steps from the soft sandy beach, is my favorite vacation bookshop, Bethany Beach Books. I have gotten more than a few beach reads from their shelves, and they were the first shop to carry any of my books. (I may also be having a signing there this summer!). Bethany Beach Books carries signed copies of both Gleeman’s Tales and The Harbinger of Change and will ship.

Of course, these are only shops that carry my own books, but I would encourage you to find your own local shops and patronize them through out the year, not just on one day, but on IBD, we celebrate what makes independent bookstores such special places!