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I’m excited to announce the launch of The Gleeman’s Tales Duology! It’s been seven years since the initial idea for Gleeman’s Tales inked itself onto my page, and I am finally ready to share it with the world. Both books will be available for purchase (print & e-book) on June 6th. E-books are up for pre-orders if you want to secure your copy. I appreciate your support and will continue to keep you updated on future additions to my “Bookshelf.”

As any indie writer will tell you, reviews are what keep the world spinning, so if you purchase a copy, I would greatly appreciate your thoughts in the form of a review. Thank you in advance and happy reading!

[Exit, pursued by a bard.]

Gleeman’s Tales, Available at Bethany Beach Books!

Reading is the ultimate act of social distancing.

If you’re looking for your next quarantine book, your next beach read, or if you want to read about an apocalypse that focuses on the return of culture and storytelling after the end, I believe I have written a duology for you.

Gleeman’s Tales is currently available for order from Bethany Beach Books, in Bethany Beach, Delaware. Even if you’re not local to the shop (I’m not) you can call and order the book over the phone. They kind folks in the shop will ship the book to you! The best part is that you’ll be getting exclusively signed and doodled copies from them.

This is a great way to not only support an indie author, but also to support an indie bookstore!

Happy Reading!